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Many people have questions concerning my other heart and her chosen consort. I, myself, harbor some of these same question myself. However, I refuse to contribute to the gossip concerning my sister in any way. It is not that I do not approve, par say. I hated Mr. Malfoy and will continue to hate him, and will not loose any sleep if he and my Narcissa do not continue in the direction it had seemed they were heading. However, she never seemed to have a problem with his blatant idiocy and appeared to rather enjoy his company, as unfeasible as that concept is to me. Why has she suddenly moved to Mssr. Avery?
I think I shall have several things to ask my sister upon our next meeting.

Apart from this small disturbance in my everyday life- all seems to be going as should be expected. Hardly any deviation from the norm. I rather think that Messr. Snape disapproves of me. tisk tisk. Not that disapproval comes as a new concept to me, and not that I have suddenly begun to let it take any affect on me. It is simply that disapproval from that particular direction is faintly amusing. Severus Snape does not want to be seen with the dark and 'disturbed' Black sister whom is so unlike her sister- the vision on all this perfect. hah. Or perhaps he had my own pride in mind. I should surely hope not. My pride as nothing to do with the conception of others, it springs solely out of my natural superiority.

- B

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