Mark Anthony Travers (sly_caesar) wrote in mors_morde,
Mark Anthony Travers

What a happy couple we have before us. And who would have thought that the fair Narcissa would fall for one so opposite her good looks (no offense intended, Avery)? Many joys to the good duo, may all your wishes come true. And hopefully, with each other.

In the meantime, would the "girl" who so kindly turned Donnie's hair pink turn it back to its natural colour? It's quite unsettling to see random strands of pink hair all over the counter in the lavatory. Thank God that he doesn't shed.

And lastly, would anyone like a cup of tea with me? I'm quite bored.

Something strange is at hand. I doubt that Narcissa would even think of conducting a courtship with someone other than Malfoy. Hell, I thought she'd date me before that sickeningly dependent Avery. I wonder if Bellatrix would know anything of this.
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