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Okay. Something isn't right.

So today I was just sitting in my first class, whatever it was. I can't remember what class it was, but it's not like that mattered. All I remember was that I was perfectly content staring out into space and thinking of this cool killer panda costume for Halloween when I start hearing laughing.

And when I hear voices, they usually aren't laughing at me. Most of the time, the voices are telling me to stick my hand in the flame when I'm sitting near the fireplace or to drink more coffee. But not this time. This time I heard this laughing. And so I look around me and then people are just sort of looking at me and snickering.

So, I'm sitting there wondering what in fresh hell is going on. People just don't start staring at me unless I actually start saying something completely reasonable which no one else seems to understand. Yet again, the communication barrier.


Anyway. I don't think I've done anything funny. But I could be wrong.
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