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I am not amused, no, amused doesn't quite cut it. Those, those people. Pfft, I'd rather have them ignoring me than trying to be bloody helpful. If I needed a potion for my hair, I'd make one. They don't seem to understand, that in order to be the best at one's hobby, one must give up other things. I'd like to see them get good grades in Potions, and do lots of extra curricular activity and still have bouncy hair.

Stupid Hooch, stupid Lockhart, and there is nothing wrong with my nose. It might be a little big, but it helps me at what I do best, their tiny little nose would be no good in finding the subtle changes in Potion making.

Bloody fools. Humph, and they wonder why I prefer my own company. At least those stupid Marauders have left me alone so far this term. Perhaps they've found someone else to torment.

Current Task: Get Nott back for ruffling hair.

Options: Rats in bed. Potion to make him bald. Sticking charm in shampoo.

Other Options: Still to be found, others to lethal.

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