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Eh. No one's awake now.



Severus, you aren't all worked up about the other morning, are you? Last Month O' Summer said that you were sensitive about the hair thing. And to be honest with you, I don't think it's such a big deal. I thought of it more as an older-brotherly thing. But I'm sure you're not bothered by little things like that.

In other news... wait. I don't have any other news. Just the Severus-hair thing.

And the fact that my hair must be like this solid spikey mess of steel because I hit my head on my bedpost this evening when I woke up and I'm pretty sure my hair left a dent in it. If that's not weird then I don't know what is. Maybe this is a sign that I should run a comb or brush through it. Or I could house a small rodent in there. That'd be pretty awesome.
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