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Letter from the Owner, Editor, and Reporter:
Welcome back to school, my wonderful readers! I hope you've had an enjoyable few weeks of school as of late. I'd like to introduce you to my latest creation: Rita Skeeter's Real Stories. I will be distributing weekly FREE copies of my newsletters at various points across campus. Please be sure to pick one up! You'll find the latest news regarding our fantastic school. If you would like to contribute an article or have a hot lead you'd like for me to follow, please feel free to send me an owl.

Enjoy the newsletter this week. I know it's short, but news is news!

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The House of Black in Bridal White
For the past several days, Slytherin house has been celebrating the joyful news of the future matrimonial vows of the soon-to-be former Miss Bellatrix Black, fourth-year. It is with great pleasure for this reporter to share the news with the rest of the Hogwarts population. The lucky groom you ask? None other than Mr. Sirius Black, sixth-year, of Gryffindor.

This union would not only break the school's tradition of intense house rivalry, but also modern tradition in which cousins do not marry cousins. However, a member of a very prominent Pureblood family assures us that "marrying one's cousin in the pureblood wizarding world is not uncommon." Perhaps it is a strange practice, but a member of the wedding party added "Bellatrix and Sirius love each other very much."

When questioned about their future plans, the family friend said that the future Mr. and Mrs. Black plan to "have six children, three boys and three girls." Hopefully, they'll be evenly divided among the two houses when they arrive at Hogwarts!

We at RSRS wish the couple the best of wishes in their future endeavours. More details regarding the wedding will be provided as RSRS receives them.


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