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Private Entry

That swine, Nott is trying to take credit for my creation. He might be alright at Potions, but I bet the sod has no clue how to make such a complex potion as one to change it's intended victims hair colour to three different colours. Humph, well sod him, other people laughing at him for a little while will do me anyway, it's not like it's devastating for him to not get ridiculed. <strike>Lucky bastard.</strike>

I still don't understand girls, or Bellatrix at least, I'm polite, talk nicely, but she acted offended when I pulled my arm from her own. Thought I was doing her a favour by not letting anyone see her with me in such a manner, innocent or not. Salazar, I'll never understand girls or how their minds work. Especially Slytherin girls. If it wasn't for that stupid stump, I wouldn't have been in such a position. That'll teach me to read and not look where I'm going, but it was just an interesting article, hardly my fault at all.

Well at least the lessons are going well. Most of them anyway, I'm quite liking Potions, but then I always do.

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