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/Tag to Donald Nott/

Snape had been up most of the night working on essays, he'd not left them till the last minute, rather, he was getting various classes out of the way so he had more time for other activities. It was just after 6am when he decided to head to the Great Hall, homework wasn't the only thing he'd been up to and before he'd slipped quietly out of the common room, he'd picked up a vial of something he'd been working on for the last day. Oh yes, Donald Nott wouldn't know what hit him, and with any luck the boy was up and awake. Though it'd be his bad luck if the boy's insomnia had died at the main time he needed it.

Upon entering the Great Hall he looked around, noticing he was the first there. Hopefully the other boy would show up, the potion needed an hour at least to work.
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