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Cowlicks and Alexism.

Narcissa, did you realize you have what muggles call a "cowlick"?  It's on the very back of your head, poking out of your blonde hair like a Dumbledore in the Slytherin common room.  It's very small, of course, but it's very visible, and not very attractive.  It attracted my attention during the Sorting Ceremony, while you were busy admiring yourself in the mirror, and while Dumbledore was busy talking rambling on about walls.  I shant ask what that was about, however.  I'm afraid his mentality, or lack of, is contagious, and I could not bear to live if I suddenly sprouted a beard and toddled around the school, spouting nonsense.

On a more pleasant note, I think I've just solved life's mystery.  Why are we here?  Well, Slytherins are here to make the lives of the Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws miserable, while Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws are here to simply be miserable.  An attractive concept.  I rather think I'll make it my religion.  I'll call it "Alexism".

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