Severus Snape (un_tamed) wrote in mors_morde,
Severus Snape

This school is never boring it seems, between Evan hunting for the Headmaster and Narcissa and Avery... I'm not sure what's going on their, but I prefer to keep my nose out of such things as relationships and politics, which is what it is in most cases of marriage. Strange, very strange.

Unfortunately the potion wore off, Nott was starting to look quite fetching with that hair. *Snorts* But I do have to work on my preserving potions, that was one of my tasks over the holiday but father... Well, the more time I had away from that man was better than not, and he seemed to feel that lurking in the home laboratory would be amusing for him.

I shall just have to talk with the Potions teacher, see if I can get in some extra curricular learning, I'm certainly trust-worthy enough to not blow a cauldron up. Yes, I shall have to ask about that.

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